I love wooden toys. They has long histories in many countries with different intelligent ideas on using wood to create shapes and playing methods. Instruction is not necessary for wooden toys, because they are made with the idea of life. They move straight with wheels. They spin in the air as well as on the ground. With wooden blocks, towers can be easily built. These intelligence have been continuously remembered generation by generation. That's the reason I chose wooden toys to be first design of "Soul+" series. While vitalizing wooden toys with Soul, upgrading into smart toys, the outlooking of wood is still traditional. That helps it feels magic!
私は木製おもちゃが好きです。木製おもちゃがどの国でも長い歴史を持ちます。職人が木で様々な形と遊び方を創造できました。説明は木製おもちゃにあまり必要ではありません。生活からの遊び方は見で分かります。そして、木製おもちゃで、色々な移動ができます。これは私が木製おもちゃを選択、Soul とコラボする原因です。Soul で木製おもちゃをアライブにして、スマートおもちゃになります。ただ、見た目は普通な木製オモチャと同じです。これは魔法です。
我喜欢木制玩具。他们在任何国家都有非常悠久的历史。木工匠们创造了各种各样的造型以及玩法。对于木制玩具,使用说明往往是不需要的。因为它们的设计总是源于生活,融合了各种各样的基础运动,一代人一代人流传下来。这是我选择木制玩具作为 Soul 的第一个合作载体的原因。通过 Soul 赋予木制玩具于生命,变身智能产品的同时,外观仍旧是木质的,这让一切看起来像是魔术。

As insert Soul into wooden toys, NFC reader at the bottom of Soul will read toys' NFC tag and change into proper mode at instance.

木製おもちゃに Soul を入れると、Soul がすぐ木製おもちゃの NFC タグを読んで、モドに切り換えます。

将 Soul 插入木制玩具的瞬间,Soul 底部的 NFC 传感会读取玩具的 NFC 标签, 完成切换模式。

I chose to connect wooden toys with smarthome devices. By expanding interaction between players and toys to a larger scale, it makes players to realize the connection between themselves and the environment. They may think about the universal existing connections outside their rooms, even throughout the world.
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